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About Us

Family Owned and Operated Since 1981

In 1981, the Moore’s relocated from Massachusetts to New Mexico bringing with them their experience in excavating, sand and gravel operations, and logging. They also brought a running fleet of self-loading log trucks, a bulldozer, pickups, and other related equipment. This would be the beginning of a long business adventure for Fred and Gertrude (Honey), and their son, William (Bill). Fred and Bill logged, hauled, and manufactured. Gertrude ran the clerical operations, and kept the boys in line.

A parcel of land was purchased in Hernandez and it was decided to start a circle saw sawmill. The operation was named W.H. Moore Cash Lumber and business commenced. The sawmill was the start of a thriving operation. Soon, logging to supply the mill was being carried out on private lands, Forest Service lands, and on Indian Reservations.

In 1984, Bill married the love of his life, Margie. They made and home on the business property and raised two daughters.

In 2006, Bill’s daughter, Andrea, was brought in to learn the clerical operations in order for Gertrude to retire. Andrea’s public communications skills increased sales to no end and the business grew.

In 2009 we custom built a viga peeler that produces a very smooth peel. In order to leap over the learning curve to manufacture vigas, we acquired two highly skilled employees, Dan Thompson and Carlos Sandoval.

In 2010 we purchased a Cook’s Band Sawmill in order to utilize bigger logs, and in 2011 a firewood processor for logs that weren’t saw log quality. We have since upgraded to a bigger and faster machine. These two purchases have made every log valuable.

In 2022 we purchased two mechanized logging machines, a feller buncher and a delimber. Our logging these days is done primarily on the Rio Grande National Forest, as well as private lands. All logging is done sustainable with all adherences to environmental regulations. Our logging is now operated by Heath Logging Inc., ran by William (Bill) Heath, who has been a superior asset to our logging operations.

Fred passed in 2014, Gertrude is 93 and still sharp as ever, and Bill is still head of all operations.


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